My books about band weaving.

I have written and self published four books about band weaving. All the four books are available to buy as print versions from Blurb.  Click on - see my published books  and the link takes you to all four books.  

Special Offers

Blurb often has special offers and publishes a code to be entered at checkout. These special offers only last for a few days. You can generally search for valid vouchers over the web.

Here are the links to my books.

 They are also available in ebook format for the IPad from Blurb bookstore

They are also available in ebook format for the iPad from Blurb bookstore

The ebook versions for the iPad are available here:
Sami band Weaving
Art of Simple Band Weaving
Weaving Sami Bands
Woven Bands from Sweden



  1. I went to Blurb to purchase your books, but only Weaving Sami bands was available in that format. Can you help?

    1. HI. I do not know why the books are not listed. I have contacted Blurb about the issue. On the Blurb page choose all and the search term weaving and all the versions are shown.
      Here is the quick link to the ebook versions
      for Sami Band Weaving
      Weaving Sami bands is
      The Art of Simple Band Weaving is
      I hope this helps.

      Susan J Foulkes

  2. I have bought a copy of the Sami Band Weaving book (iPad) and have found it very useful. Is there any way that I can get PDF or similar version of the patterns as it is not very easy to work from an iPad as a basic pattern source? Niel

    Many thanks, Niel

    1. Hi Neil I do not use the PDF format at the moment. You could always take a screen shot on the IPad and print it out.

  3. Can you tell me what format the ebook is in please? It says for ipad, but that could be any number of formats. Do you know if it has DRM? I'm looking for something I can view on a Windows or Linux computer.


    1. I am away from home so I will reply in full when I get back.

    2. Hi Linda
      I have looked through Blurb and I cannot see details about eboook formats. As far as I am aware, the IPad format in Blurb can only be viewed on an IPad. I have tried to convert it to a different format but it scrambles the text and diagrams.

  4. Hi Susan
    I'd like to know if the ebooks from Blurb will be available for downloading only once, or if they will be accessible later?

    Thank you

  5. Hi. I am not sure. Why not ask Blurb? They are very efficient at answering questions. I know that you get a code so that you can download the book. You can download it direct to IBooks.


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