Online workshop with the Braid Society October 2017

Weaving Patterned Bands from around the Baltic 

Free Online Workshop in October 2017

My travels around the Baltic region have shown me the colourful heritage in many countries. I would like to share some of the lovely patterns with you in this online workshop.

The workshop will be spread over three weeks and will be open to anyone who has joined the Yahoo group, Braids and Bands. All the patterns will have 13 pattern threads.

The first week will look at bands from Norway and Sweden and will start on October 15th 2017

The second week will cover Finland, Russia and Sámi weaving.

The third week will look at bands from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

There will be a final fourth week for Braid Society members with additional complex patterns.

The equipment list will be available in September 2017 on the Yahoo site. The inkle loom, a standard heddle or the double slotted heddle will be used. The first week of the workshop  will cover the basics so if you have never tried this absorbing craft, here is the chance to learn.

During the workshop there will be handouts to download.  I will answer queries about band weaving during the workshop on the Yahoo Braids and Bands site.

Susan J Foulkes

To join the Yahoo Braids and Bands group go to:

Braids and Bands is a discussion group moderated by the Braid Society and primarily exists to provide members with information about Braid Society activities. Non-members of the Society with a genuine interest in braids and bands are also welcome to join this group. Members can ask questions about any narrow ware technique, or share details of their latest project. The presentation on the web site gives step by step guidance for joining and using the Braids and Bands Yahoo group.

A lovely meander pattern from Norway which is also found in other countries. 


  1. Susan, I am excited to take your class in October. Having only used an inkle loom with string heddles I will need to get a sunna heddle and the curved shuttle. I am wondering if I should order those now or wait until the equipment list is posted? I live in the U.S.. thank you for your willingness to share. Sandy

  2. Very excited for your upcoming class. I too have an inkle loom. Thank you for sharing, and teaching. Ellen


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